Gerda's Country Side

Two years ago, my family came across a farm in Stayner Ontario. There, resided a lady on an abundant 45-acre property that housed horses, donkeys, cows, ducks, chickens, and seasonal crops whose existence hinged on hers and hers alone. As my relationship with Gerda Futter grew, the exploration of her life on the farm and my fascination with her personal history unfolded. 

The following project is a documentation of Gerda Futter's current life, a heartwarming reality that's grounded in respecting the living seasons of the countryside. This place has decades of her personal history and Gerda poured her heart and soul into the upkeep and preservation of the animals and the land. It's thoughtfully disheveled with glimpses of her past and the stories are carried out through the collective scars residing on her farm. Gerda's life is filled with harmonious unrefined elegance alongside an amicable marriage with all living things. Something the city life is desperately lacking.


Somewhere far away from the city














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